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What is the Big Bang !?
How, Big bang expanded into nothing ?

Big bang started at the one point(pixel) in nothingness, where first photon(containes information of the true) emerges, followed by another and another photons, all linked, whith its information of the true(all what can be), crating 1st dimensional space (1D), i.e one unmeassured diagonal line of photons.
"Let's be the light", I think that is from Bible. That is the Big bang, nothing more.

Now, no more photons incoming from the middle of the 1D, and all photons from both endings of the 1D line start pressuring at the middle of 1D line, from where first photon emerges. In this huge pressure photons in the middle starts to expand into opposite diagonal line(as X) creating 1D->2D space, first nearby middle point and continues until pressure of both diagonal lines becomes the same in length. Now the pressure is from the four sides, i.e. endings of two diagonal lines (as X) at the middle point, expanding universes from, into 2D->3D, by continualy creating first 1D, then 2D on the new 2.1 and new 2.2 Dimensional space, above 2D space, creating a piramid, and the top of the piramid is 2.9 D - 3.0 D(Dimensional space), that point is nearby Large Magellan cloud !? As pressure continues now from the 8 sides, from the bottom of the piramid(4 sides, big X) and top of the piramid(4 sides, small x), phtons expands into newly created 4D, i.e 3.1 D and expands above top of the piramid, creating another up side down piramid above 2-3D piramid, all together looks as 3D cube, what is 2D<->4D space. Now pressure continues onto as 3D Cube from 16 sides, 4 up, 4 down, 4 left and 4 right rectangles of the cube, creating 5 Dimensional space, as piramids starting at the each side of the cube. There I will stop calculating 6th and maximum the 7th dimensional space.

Figure all at the animated gif image.

Here is a image of the Big Bang. In the middle of the image is X and arround X (I belive) is a crations of Angels, which holds pressure from the endings of the Universe so that universe does not reverses back then foward into 2D,3D,4D,5D.
In the Holy Qur'an:
[69.13] When a single blow is blown on the Horn,
[69.14] when the earth with all its mountains is lifted up and crushed with a single blow,
[69.15] on that Day, the Event occurs.
[69.16] The heaven will be split; because on that Day it will be frail.
[69.17] The angels will stand on all its sides. And on that Day, eight (of them) will carry the Throne of your Lord above them.

In my language that was translated, that Angels will stand at its endings, and that is (Big Bang), the end of the Universe not begining, because Universe is in the creation towards 5th Dimension. You can talk about beginings and ends while it was in the creation.
Also Angels was stretheched all up to here at Earth as light stretches, to compress universe beetwen them and us more, towards 4,5thD.

Most images here are from the: Hubble site
Here is also a image of X from 2D -> 3D, while image of the Big Bang, X is from 1D -> 2D creation of the universe.

After this part of the Universe, this X, was compressed it explodes into 2.1D towards 2.2D,2.3D,.., as I examined this and lot of other images before, and can prove that.

Next, I will explain current 3rd to 4th Dimension of the Universe, where we are, totally explaining complete process of compression, systems, galaxies, planets, moons, asteroid fields, and so on.

Just a little. What is a matter? Lights, out of photons compresses into photon rings and photon rings compresses into atoms. Three photon rings from the three systems of the 2nd also 3rd Dimesion, gradually compresses into atoms. Galaxies and Planets in the 3rd Dimension compresses three photon rings lighty compressed into atoms (from 2ndD), from three subsytems holding compression of the 3rdD togather. When three photon rings fully compresses, they pass into 4thD as one station of the 4thD, that's living beings, humans, animals, and three station of the 4thD compresess into one unit of the 5thD, that is your soul.  Home page
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