Creators on YouTube Are Getting a Corrections Feature

  • Greg Burn
  • Jun 17, 2022
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Creators on YouTube Are Getting a Corrections Feature

Now YouTube creators have access to a new useful feature called "Corrections". With its help, you can both fix errors and add updates to published videos. The new feature allows you to correct errors in the description under the video and also gives users access to corrections so that they can track all the changes that the creator has made.
An information card with all corrections will be available to users after clicking in the upper right corner of the video. It will contain explanatory text from the creator. The new feature greatly simplifies the work of the creators. Now you do not need to re-upload the video if there are errors in the description.
In order to make a correction to your video, you need to write “Corrections:” or “Correction:” with a timestamp and an explanation of your correction in the description of your video. This section will appear at the end of your video as an information card that every viewer can open to see the full list of changes made by the creator. The fix feature will not be available if the creator's channel already has any active alerts or if the content of the video has to view restrictions (for example, not suitable for children).
You can find the corresponding video, which displays all the nuances of the new feature, on the official channel, where news about all YouTube updates is published. Also, detailed instructions on how to use the Corrections are already posted in the support section.
Google is constantly improving the functionality of YouTube to make the platform even more convenient for creators. Recently, Green Screen for YouTube Shorts was introduced, which allowed the creators to remix their Shorts. And in April, the Cut function appeared, which can be used for creating short video remixes.
Will users be interested in seeing the history of YouTube video corrections? Have you already seen the information card with corrections after watching a video? Please share your opinion below.


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