There is no God except Allah (SWT) and prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is his slave and messanger.
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Freeware Holy Qur'an software
Page: Islam 7.80 Download Download:3.1 MB Download:3.1 MB
Download MP3 sound Holy Qur'an MP3 sound files for Islam software.

Shareware Versaitle graphics editor
Page: Access image 5.81 New Download  Download:0.74 MB  Download:0.74 MB  Buy for:$20 US

Shareware CD-R/W Burner,Earser,ISO 9660 software
Page: RecCD 3.50 Download  Download:0.24 MB  Download:0.24 MB  Buy for:$17 US
Requirements To use this software you must have installed Aspi drivers.
Download latest Aspi drivers from its site at:
Aspi Drivers 4.7

Frreeware Graphics editor/viewer/screen capture software
Page: Yildun scanner  6.00 Download Download:0.54 MB Download:0.8 MB

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UPDATED(March 16) Black holes Black holes, collapsed stars
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